So… what now?

6 Dec

Today I handed back the Evoque after two years of driving Land Rovers. This is me this afternoon with Roland Reid, the man responsible for involving me in the Pulse of the City campaign:

Me with Roland Reid

I look happy, but obviously I’m really sad about no longer having the freedom to explore the city and beyond in a beautiful car which has cosseted me in a world of cream leather and a superb sound system for so long.

Driving along the William Nicol to the framers, again, to pick up the rest of the lipstick hearts for a big client job, I thought about the beggars and this project. Has my relationship to them changed? Yes, definitely. To be honest, I’m not as magnanimous as I was. I’m back to being anonymous, the chick in the Hyundai i20 – the one I used to drive until I sold it to my mother – not the woman in the hugely desirable luxury car, the one I had a responsibility to evangelize in social media. I’m back to feeling less guilty about looking like I have a lot of money when the truth is that I don’t. That part of this project where I give lots of money to beggars to compensate for driving such an expensive, flashy car, is over. I’ve given more to charity this year than in the previous ten years combined – more about that in a future post – and I have donor fatigue. I’m feeling under financial pressure, and I want to hold on again.

I think I’ve started something interesting here though. This project has catalyzed all sorts of conversations, and I want to continue having them. I’ve been talking about this kind of thing for ages – our emotional relationship with the city we live in and the cars we drive – but haven’t house the conversation anywhere specific.

This has the potential to evolve in all sorts of directions, and I’d like to keep it going should I continue to write about cars, which is the plan. Thank you to everyone who has got involved in some way – I look forward to wherever this road takes us, and what we find at the next red robot.


One Response to “So… what now?”

  1. PM December 6, 2012 at 6:17 pm #

    Hey, sorry that it had to end–but sounds like it was a good ride (and all good rides come to an end, eventually–and this one sounds like it ended better than most).

    I really like your conversations–and i hope that more comes of them.

    please keep up the insights. And thanks for sharing. i find them thought provoking

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