Swimming pools

16 Dec

Swimming pool

If Joburg is a city of trees it must also, surely, be a city of swimming pools. Fly over the city and one of the big differences between the suburbs and the townships still, is the presence of green and blue.

This evening I went for a swim. This is something I have done many times in summer over the past three years. As a child I hated swimming – went so far as to take deliberate overdoses of my asthma meds to have an excuse to bunk school on Tuesdays  –  but the swimming pool is the place where I sought solace during the worst of the depression, and where I searched hardest for meaning. So it’s hardly surprising that this should end up in my paintings with lipstick. This was the first time I painted the experience of swimming at night:

Swimming at night small

Here is another example:

Infinity PoolAnd another:

Whale Sketch



Amazing, isn’t it, what visions a suburban pool can lead to. I often moan that I need a muse – preferably an Interesting Man with whom I form a temporary infatuation before becoming bored – but perhaps I’ve had one all along: this maddening, exhilarating, frustrating, boring, wonderful, horrible city.


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