When you lift your bathmat to find… this

20 Dec

A lot of Joburgers, like me, enjoy getting away from Joburg by going to the bush. There we go to disconnect from signal, unplug from our laptops and get in touch with nature. Occasionally, nature would also like to get in touch with us. Last night I lifted my bath mat to find this:


Normally I disapprove of people who kill spiders and Parktown prawns. But I’d be a hypocrite if I told you I had the same compassion for scorpions. This one was very small, but the relative thickness of that tail had me thinking that I might not want to encounter it barefoot in the dark. Also, I’m paranoid about the possibility of Parabuthus. So I thwacked it repeatedly with a slipslop and despatched it to the afterlife.

I feel bad about this. I don’t like killing things. I tell myself that there are lots more where this one came from.

Which is rather worrying, when you think about it. Perhaps I should invest in the special scorpion torch they sell at the Khamai Reptile Park up the road.


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