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Are these dogs yours?

16 Feb

This afternoon, I decided to accompany my mother to one of my least favourite places on the planet, Fourways. I needed more board from Herbert Evans for my Because Anene campaign to raise funds for Lawyers Against Abuse, or I’d have stayed well away from the epicenter of suburban hell. On the way out, there was a mini drama involving two boisterous labradors and a nasty accident waiting to happen at the intersection of Wilton and Hamilton in Bryanston.

Dog and bakkie

We spotted this clapped out bakkie, one lab running loose and heading straight for a busy road, and the other chained next to the vehicle. It seemed they were so excited by the sight of the park across the road that they’d leapt clean out of the vehicle. One had struggled loose of his collar, while the other was steadily strangling himself trying to get free. My mother grabbed the loose dog and held him still, while their handler grabbed the other and dumped him like a sack of potatoes in the back. He promptly jumped straight out again, landing very heavily on the tarmac.

Apparently the dogs belong to someone who lives “up at the top”. “They’re very naughty,” said the handler, who clearly can’t control them.

Dog and bakkie 2

This is a horrible accident waiting to happen. Imagine if the dogs had jumped out of the bakkie while it was moving and been dragged? Or run into the path of oncoming traffic, causing someone to swerve?

If you live in Bryanston near Wilton Avenue and these dogs are yours, then you should know that they’re in imminent danger of ending under the wheels of a car. Please make sure they are never transported to the park like this again.

PS: to the neighbour in the green Defender MFC 574 GP who hooted and gesticulated at us repeatedly before my mother was able to get back in the car, and who we later saw parked at Fourways Mall: I’m very sad you drive my favourite brand, and I’m terribly sorry we delayed your important journey by twenty seconds. You exemplify everything I loathe about a certain type of northern suburbs Joburger, who goes through life regarding other people as a massive inconvenience.

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