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From Tannie Evita to Vusi Pikoli to Ryan Gosling

25 Oct

One of the things about being an influencer without a proper day job is that a) you get invited to events and b) you have the time to attend them. Most of the time, events are the hash tags I see while I hunch over my desk working on PowerPoint – but sometimes I do crack the nod.

Last night, it was the opening of the always brilliant and thought-provoking Pieter-Dirk Uys in Adapt or Fly at Montecasino. (Naturally, in his Adolf Hitler cameo, he talked about another gamble – at Monte Cassino in 1944. A personal detail: my grandfather flew a Harvard in Italy and recorded strafing Monte Cassino in his logbook.)

This afternoon, I went all groupie on Vusi Pikoli at the Exclusive Books wish list launch and insisted on a selfie:

Vus Pikoli

Then it was off to the Lifestyle Confessions event at Eastgate. I wasn’t able to get dessert at the Exclusive Books event because I had to leave, but that was ok because there was some pretty fine cake at the Lifestyle event. Also, Ryan Gosling was there:


He was part of a confession booth made up to look like a girl’s bedroom. On one side was product:


On the other, a keyboard and a screen for visitors to type in their Facebook confession:

Facebook App

I ummed and aahed over my confession and eventually settled on something about the guy curtain because it was easy to type and people were watching.

All in all, it was a successful afternoon. I ate cake and nougat, got a neck and shoulder massage from Mangwanani Day Spa, and went home with a gift pack that included Honest Chocolate, a pamper voucher and a beautifully simple pendant from Waif by Gisele Human. The voucher will come in handy for a manicure after I’ve done all my painting this weekend for an exhibition in November.

Together with two bottles of Porcupine Ridge and a pair of Nando’s boxer shorts from the Exclusive Books event, it was a very nice collection of gifts. I won’t drink the wine just yet, but I can’t wait to try the boxer shorts tonight.

The instant prizes on  Lifestyle’s Facebook app include things like dance classes and cooking classes, both of which I desperately need. Excuse me while I enter again.

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