Things we found in the China Shop in Knysna

26 Dec

China Shop Happy bag

I love China Shops. They are an excellent metaphor for the state of consumerism, an outlet for mountains of cheap facsimiles of useful things. They look functional, but break almost immediately.  They are a physical representation of what somebody thinks we want, and they are hideously wasteful. But somebody will buy them because they are there on the shelf, and they have some sort of symbolic exchange value. Barthes would have a field day.

This cap, for instance, came with a price tag of R180:

China Shop Sarah

The most useful and interesting thing we found was this Hashim Amla doll:

China Shop Hashim


We also found this vegetable chopper which doubles as a fine example of Engrish:

China Shop veg stuffing

This Un bra (chicken flatties, Laura calls them):

China Shop un bra

This Ahh Bra (not sure what Nobie is):

China Shop Ahh bra

This pair of pants that gives you a big Brazilian bum:

China Shop Brazilian bum

And these pantyhose which are apparently also a comfortable pair of socks:

China Shop panythose

For the men, there is this, because who wouldn’t be a Plainboy rather than a Playboy?

China Shop Plainboy

And finally, an existential boost:

China Shop happy angels


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