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Lines of lights

15 Mar

Tonight, as I drove home from dinner, a fine mist of rain settled on the windscreen of the car I use to get around.

The wipers, instead of clearing the rain, left a complex pattern of concentric circles on the glass. The moisture captured the light and extruded it into long shimmering trails like lasers. It was like being in a club, or with aliens. Or perhaps on drugs, although I can only guess.

City Lights 2

Every time I turned the corner and the windscreen went mercifully dark, there would be more like in front of me, stretching out instantly toward me and tugging at me as I drove past, as if it could not bear to let me go.

It was beautiful, and it also made driving home tricky, because I could barely see where I was going.  I’ve captured the effect in a quiet road, and I like to imagine that the light reaches out to us, and holds on, and guides us on our way home in the dark.

City Lights

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