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How it started

25 Nov

Sarah with car

I drive a Range Rover. In a little more than a week’s time, I have to hand it back. For 2 years I’ve been part of the Pulse of the City campaign and in December this year it comes to an end. Before I give back the car, I want to try an experiment.

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Getting the Shot

4 Nov

On Friday, I shot footage for the short video to publicize this project. Here’s my cameraman, Quirk intern Lourie Campher, in action:

Lourie taking pic


We’re filming John Makoko, who begs at the corner of Summit and North in Morningside. As you can see by the house in the background, it’s an affluent area.

Thursday night, and I’m cutting up cardboard

1 Nov

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be meeting Lourie Campher at Quirk Johannesburg to shoot the footage for the video for The Red Robot Project. To prepare for it, I’ve had to spend this evening cutting cardboard boxes to use as cue cards. It’s hard work, cutting up heavy duty cardboard – though it’s always reassuring to use a skill I picked up in nursery school.

I fully expect to get into just a little bit of trouble for cutting up a box that housed piece of a grandfather clock that once belonged to my late grandfather. I needed big pieces of board, I had no alternative and this campaign is important.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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