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On (not) getting lost

4 Dec

I am incredibly, remarkably, amazingly, magnificently good at getting lost. Give me two alternative routes and chances are I will take the wrong one.


Until now. Because finally, after years of willing the universe to make it so, I have a GPS to play with. The TomTom I’ve been loaned is so wonderful at not getting me lost that I am completely in love with it.

I love the way it sticks with the minimum of fuss to the windscreen.

I love the perky little drumbeat when it starts up.

I love the way it doesn’t get the address totally wrong, the way Google Maps does.

I love the way it just works.

The TomTom came in handy during my trip to Cape Town. It got me to from the airport to an address Green Point no problem. I used it to give me a sense of where I was in the world when I took the scenic route to visit David Bullard in Somerset West through Camps Bay, Hout Bay and Constantia instead of the more traditional route to the N2.

David examining his vines

David examining his vines

It also got me back from the Lalela Project to the airport with the minimum of fuss. The woman who recites the directions to me pronounces Hout Bay to rhyme with Oat, which is correct, and Newlands and New-Lands, which is strange, but she turned what could have been a disaster into something completely stress-free, and I am very grateful for that.

Next trip for the TomTom will be Knysna just before Christmas.

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