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Yipeee and other doucheplates

4 May

Whenever I write about personalized number plates, now better known as doucheplates, I preface it with a disclaimer: that once upon a time, I too had a doucheplate. My black Fiat Stilo sported MARMITE GP. I wanted to look cool because my boss at the time said I came across as too boring, and when my Toyota Corolla was turned into a Tazz by a drunk middle manager in a Mercedes-Benz, I grabbed the opportunity to reconfigure my image. Back when I had my doucheplate, there were few blogs devoted to them. But that has changed.

This is the doucheplate I spotted this morning at Hobart Grove in Bryanston:


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Not So Fine

6 Mar

Screaming green is generally not a popular colour for cars in South Africa. We tend to go for white because it has better resale value. (It’s also practical in a hot country, and more visible on the road, something I learned all about after driving my black Fiat Stilo with lights on in the pre LeadSA era.)


Who knows why any sane person would buy a VW Scirocco in a shade calculated to make an otherwise good-looking car resemble an African giant bullfrog. Was it a special deal? Were they not prepared to wait for the colour they really wanted? In any event, the owner has clearly decided to hell with it, and made the car even more obvious with a curiously mismatched doucheplate.

O SO Fine

Spotted in Woodmead.

Not really all that fine, really.

White Trash

4 Mar

Collecting doucheplates is a favourite hobby of many bloggers. I usually don’t ┬áhave the time to take a shot of the ones I see, but every now and then the traffic is slow enough to make taking photos of doucheplates safe. This is one I spotted on Witkoppen Road:

White trash


I’m assuming the W is short for “white”. I was once called “cheap white trash” by a woman in a Sunninghill Summercon complex who assumed I’d taken her parking spot (the quote, in context, was “Go fuck yourself, you cheap white trash”). A red Suzuki Swift isn’t the obvious vehicle for this plate, which would be more appropriate on, say, an avocado green Ford Cortina, an orange Ford Focus ST or a blue Subaru WRX with gold rims. A Suzuki Swift is too ordinary and inoffensive.

Mind you, the doucheplate I had when I drove a black Fiat Stilo probably confused everyone. It was MARMITE GP, inspired by a name I used on a chat forum. Hey, I worked in advertising and I was trying to look more interesting.

What this guy’s excuse is, I don’t know.

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