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From Tannie Evita to Vusi Pikoli to Ryan Gosling

25 Oct

One of the things about being an influencer without a proper day job is that a) you get invited to events and b) you have the time to attend them. Most of the time, events are the hash tags I see while I hunch over my desk working on PowerPoint – but sometimes I do crack the nod.

Last night, it was the opening of the always brilliant and thought-provoking Pieter-Dirk Uys in Adapt or Fly at Montecasino. (Naturally, in his Adolf Hitler cameo, he talked about another gamble – at Monte Cassino in 1944. A personal detail: my grandfather flew a Harvard in Italy and recorded strafing Monte Cassino in his logbook.)

This afternoon, I went all groupie on Vusi Pikoli at the Exclusive Books wish list launch and insisted on a selfie:

Vus Pikoli

Then it was off to the Lifestyle Confessions event at Eastgate. I wasn’t able to get dessert at the Exclusive Books event because I had to leave, but that was ok because there was some pretty fine cake at the Lifestyle event. Also, Ryan Gosling was there:


He was part of a confession booth made up to look like a girl’s bedroom. On one side was product:


On the other, a keyboard and a screen for visitors to type in their Facebook confession:

Facebook App

I ummed and aahed over my confession and eventually settled on something about the guy curtain because it was easy to type and people were watching.

All in all, it was a successful afternoon. I ate cake and nougat, got a neck and shoulder massage from Mangwanani Day Spa, and went home with a gift pack that included Honest Chocolate, a pamper voucher and a beautifully simple pendant from Waif by Gisele Human. The voucher will come in handy for a manicure after I’ve done all my painting this weekend for an exhibition in November.

Together with two bottles of Porcupine Ridge and a pair of Nando’s boxer shorts from the Exclusive Books event, it was a very nice collection of gifts. I won’t drink the wine just yet, but I can’t wait to try the boxer shorts tonight.

The instant prizes on  Lifestyle’s Facebook app include things like dance classes and cooking classes, both of which I desperately need. Excuse me while I enter again.


Do you give to beggars? Some comments from Facebook

25 Nov

Today I posted this question on Facebook: do you give to beggars at red robots? The responses were interesting. Here’s a selection:

“I don’t give to the ones that look like alcoholics, or street kids that are on glue. The ones that carry kids around on their hips definitely not. Won’t give to the ones that are pushy. One guy I do give to has a fake bandage strapped to his knee so he gets a donation. There’s a guy with kind eyes that always says hello doesn’t make me feel like I have to contribute. He gets. Suppose it depends on the person.”

“I give to them – more commonly to the ones I know, or I pass by regularly. I don’t give to children.”

“I don’t give to beggars that approach too rapidly (and scare the living daylights out of me), glue sniffers, or beggars that kneel and pray. I do give to smiling beggars. And especially to performing beggars – I once saw a pair performing a breathtakingly coordinated (and perfectly timed- to end just before green) routine on Katherine and nearly gave them my credit card.”

“No as a matter of principle. Meals on Wheels or other NGO’s can do more with the money and I prefer to give them. I take exception to small children on a ladies back or those sitting at a traffic intersection.

From a Capetonian: “By giving beggars money, you’re only supporting a lifestyle of begging. There is no helping them by giving them money. There are so many organizations (in cpt that I know of) that try get folks off the streets. But they don’t want it because every R2 or R5 doesn’t feed a hungry child. It supports drugs & alcohol. I’m pretty passionate about helping people, but after trying to personally help a few folks near my studio & they just throw it back at you, it’s pretty clear.”

And for a Durban perspective: “This seems to be more of a jozi phenomenon than in Durban. Generally, if someone does come up to my car in Durbs, I won’t give anything or make eye contact. Not sure how I would feel if it was the same person on a daily basis though… What we have been doing though, is giving people lifts to taxi points. Sometimes my car would strain with the amount of people in it.”

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