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Yipeee and other doucheplates

4 May

Whenever I write about personalized number plates, now better known as doucheplates, I preface it with a disclaimer: that once upon a time, I too had a doucheplate. My black Fiat Stilo sported MARMITE GP. I wanted to look cool because my boss at the time said I came across as too boring, and when my Toyota Corolla was turned into a Tazz by a drunk middle manager in a Mercedes-Benz, I grabbed the opportunity to reconfigure my image. Back when I had my doucheplate, there were few blogs devoted to them. But that has changed.

This is the doucheplate I spotted this morning at Hobart Grove in Bryanston:


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White Trash

4 Mar

Collecting doucheplates is a favourite hobby of many bloggers. I usually don’t ┬áhave the time to take a shot of the ones I see, but every now and then the traffic is slow enough to make taking photos of doucheplates safe. This is one I spotted on Witkoppen Road:

White trash


I’m assuming the W is short for “white”. I was once called “cheap white trash” by a woman in a Sunninghill Summercon complex who assumed I’d taken her parking spot (the quote, in context, was “Go fuck yourself, you cheap white trash”). A red Suzuki Swift isn’t the obvious vehicle for this plate, which would be more appropriate on, say, an avocado green Ford Cortina, an orange Ford Focus ST or a blue Subaru WRX with gold rims. A Suzuki Swift is too ordinary and inoffensive.

Mind you, the doucheplate I had when I drove a black Fiat Stilo probably confused everyone. It was MARMITE GP, inspired by a name I used on a chat forum. Hey, I worked in advertising and I was trying to look more interesting.

What this guy’s excuse is, I don’t know.

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