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Meet Doris

22 Dec

Last night, as I stepped out of the bedroom of our B&B in Knysna to get to the bathroom, I was greeted by the sight of this:

Doris the scorpion

My travel companion and I were mildly alarmed. Though I know that large pincers and a small tail signify a non-dangerous species, the thought of something that makes sounds when it scuttles was not conducive to a peaceful night’s sleep.

I have since named her Doris. No particular reason other than that she’s a Doris. (Even if she is a he, that’s her name.)

Naturally, I tweeted about the encounter.

Scorpion tweet

Thanks to Nechama Brodie (whose dad lives in Knysna; back in 1997 I did one of his tantric sex courses in a town called Mooinooi, but that’s another story), I quickly established that Doris was most probably Opistacanthus capensis, which is the most common scorpion in Knysna. Importantly, it’s “very docile indeed”. So we were able to sleep after all.

This morning I discussed Doris with the B&B owner, who used to run a hunting lodge in Namibia. I’m hoping my pleas for Doris were heard, and that she won’t get squashed. I hate killing things unnecessarily, even if you can hear them when they walk.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 11.03.36 AM

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